Star Hammer


Our heroine, Jane Preacher, is a relic hunter in search of ancient alien artifacts. With her crew and in her ship the “Desert Rose”, she goes to the edges of known space and beyond to find lost worlds and artifacts. After retrieving an alien artifact, she responds to a distress call from the research ship “Mobius”. She finds survivors in the research ship but the ship is infested by unknown hostile creatures. They try to make it to their ship but another danger lurks outside that makes their situation more dire.

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C A S T:

Jane Preacher (Star Hammer) – A relic hunter
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Abby “Sparks” Rice – Jane’s co-pilot and mechanic.
She is the young spunky side kick. She is impulsive and care free.

Professor Hart – A college professor that helps Jane solve and find alien artifacts. He is smart and walks with the cane due to a rare illness that makes walking difficult. That is why he does not go to the sites. He is not physically able to go with Jane.

Main villain
Nova Ram – the main villain

Main villain henchwoman
Naru Seven – following the orders of Nova Ram. She is fit and tough. She is the one that does the dirty work.