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I started out as an artist and illustrator, back in the days when you used paper and pencils to draw. I have become a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Creative Director, 3D/2D Animator and Visual Effects Artist. I have added Film Maker to that list. I recently finished “Are You My Mother” monster film. It is about a prehistoric fish that wreaks havoc in a small beach town. My new film project is a sci-fi feature film, “Star Hammer“. It is about a relic hunter going to the edges of known space to find alien artifacts. She stumbles upon a conspiracy and discovers her origin. I also love to dance. Music makes me move.  So, in my films, I write a dance sequence just because I love dancing. I would copy choreos from dance fitness instructors. Sometimes I would modify or make my own choreos.
To see some dance clips. Click here > DANCE